Language Arts- Phonics and Reading

  • Recognition of name and sound for vowels and consonants.
  • Blending and reading of one and two vowel words.
  • Reading short sentences and simple stories with one and two vowels words.
  • Beginning  recognition of Sight Words and Special Sounds.


Manuscript Writing

  • Correct formation of Capital and Lower Case Letters
  • Writing of first and last name.
  • Copy simple sentences and journal entries.


Language Development

  • Language development and listening skills that include color words, number words, shapes, health and safety, character development, social studies and science.


Number Skills and Concepts

  • Number recognition 1-100
  • Country by 1’s 10’s and 5’s
  • Number concepts 1-20
  • Number before and after
  • Numbers largest and smallest
  • Simple Addition facts
  • Simple Subtraction facts
  • Telling time to the hour
  • Beginning Money Skills and Concepts


Bible time

  • Bible Stories
  • Memorize Bible Verses
  • Learn Bible songs



  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Fun songs
  • Music & Movement


Computer Skills

Children will have individual and small group opportunities to play games and listen to stories on the classroom laptop and Ipad.


Extracurricular Activities:

  • Ballet and Soccer