Application Information:

Applications must be obtained from and returned to Kiddie Land Preschool. Applications will not be taken over the telephone. Any parent or legal guardian may submit an application for a child regardless or race, color, creed, or socioeconomic status. Upon receipt of an application, the child is placed on the waiting list in order of date of application. As vacancies occur the parent of the next eligible child on the waiting list will by telephone. Priority is given to siblings (current or prior enrollment) of children already enrolled at Yunhap Kiddie Land Preschool.



To be eligible to attend our preschool, a child must meet these age requirement.

2years old – by Aug. 31st 2014
3years old- by Aug. 31st 2013
4years old- by Aug. 31st 2012

  • Entrance requirement coincide with Gwinnett County Public Schools.


Enrollment into Pre-K “Honey Bee” Class:

Entrance into Ms. Sheila’s  K-4 “Honey Bee Class” will be given priority in the following order:

  1. If you have attended K-2, K-3 class with summer camp enrollment (1st priority).
  2. If you have attended K-2, K-3 class with no summer camp enrollment (2nd priority).
  3. If you have attended K-3 class with summer camp enrollment (3rd priority).
  4. If you have attended K-3 class with no summer camp enrollment (4th priority).


Registration Fee:

The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

All registration forms must be turned in with the registration fee by the cut-off date.



2016 Summer Camp:

No Registration Fee for Summer Camp

Please contact front desk~


2015- 2016 School Year:

Please contact front desk~

Late Fees:

Please be sure to complete your payment by 15th of the prior month, or $10.00 late charge will be applied (i.e.: Due date of October tuition would be September 15th).



A health form ( Preschool/Childcare Immunization form #3231), filled out by child’s physician is required by the State / County Health Department. It must be filed at the school. The Health Department may audit our immunization records yearly. Both parents and the school will be fined for noncompliance.


Health Requirements:

  • Children should be able to participate in all activities throughout the school day ( both indoors and outdoors).  If you feel that your child is not well enough or has a condition that would be aggravated by playing outdoors during hot / cold weather, please keep him/her at home that day. We will not leave children indoors unsupervised or place your child in a different class while his/her class goes outside.
  •  Our staff member will not administer any medication. If your child needs to take his/her medication, parents are expected to give it to them at home before they come to school.